1. When your order will ship?

Normally we will ship your order within the processing time we write in our website

But if the following unexpected situation occurs

  • Out of stock of products or raw materials
  • Holidays
  • The tailor is sick or taking time off
  • Weather reasons
  • The goods are lost during domestic transportation, etc.

Processing time may be extended.

Here is our shipping policy


  1. When you will receive your order ?

The time you receive the goods depends on the shipping method you choose and the processing time of the costume you choose.

The receiving time = processing time + shipping time

Processing time for each costume is different,processing time is written in the product description,please pay attention to that

For example, the processing time for the costume is 3-5 business days

And the shipping time you chosen is 7-12 business days, then the receiving time will be 10-17 business days

Please note

A.all the time we mentioned on our website is “business days” not “days”

B.If there are force majeure factors such as customs inspection, natural disasters, social anomalies, overloading of transportation companies, etc., shipping time may be extended.


  1. Didn’t get the confirmation email,but the money has been deducted from your account

A.Please check the email you used for checkout. Confirmation emails will sent to that email automatically

B.If you didn’t found it ,please check the junk folder of that email


  1. How can I track my order ?

After your order shipped, an update email that contains tracking number and tracking link will sent to you automatically

Just click the link, then you can track your order

If you didn’t get this update email

  • Check the junk folder of your email
  • Make sure the email you use is the same as the one you used to checkout.


  1. There is no update of my tracking link

Logistics information will not be updated during the following time periods:

Before the goods board the plane. The transportation company needs time to complete the export customs clearance and arrange the flight, so the goods may stay in the processing center for a few days. Logistics information will not be updated until customs clearance and flight arrangements are completed.

After the goods are boarded - before being accepted by the local carrier. The goods need to complete international transportation, import customs clearance, and the handover procedures with local carriers. Logistics information will not be updated until the handover process is completed.


  1. How to cancel your order ?

Order cancellation policy



  1. Didn’t get a reply of your email

Normally our customer service  staff will reply you within 24 hours

While October to December is the peak of customer consultation, our customer service staff is very busy, and the response time may be extended to 24-72 hours.


  1. How to upgrade shipping ?
  • Send your order number and the shipping method you wanna upgrade to our customer service staff: service@procosplayshop.com 
  • They will send you an email which contains the shipping fee difference invoice after they got your request 
  • After you finished your payment, they will marked it in your order and your order will be shipped in the faster shipping method you choose

Please note

  • We can only upgrade it before your order is sent out
  • We do not guarantee that the upgrade will be successful. For example, if we receive your payment after the goods are sent out, we will not be able to complete the upgrade of the shipping method for you. Our customer service staff will contact you and refund the upgraded shipping fee difference.
  • Upgrade shipping method does't mean speed up the processing time, the processing time is the same 


  1. How to return my order ?

Here is our refund policy


  1. Can not track your order on Paypal

PayPal can't re-direct to our tracking page. It doesn't mean that your goods have not been shipped or have problems. Please use our link to track your goods, or search for "Yunexpress tracking" on Google, enter the tracking number to check your order